Who are we?

Ora and Yoel – hosting with all our hearts

Ora and Yoel wholeheartedly believe in generous hospitality, in the beauty the desert has to offer, and in the unique human diversity of Yerucham.
We invite you to immerse yourself in a rich mosaic of personalized experiences.

We’re waiting for you at Eruham!

About 70 years ago, when the state of Israel was still very young, our Grandma Yetti (Henrietta) ran a guesthouse on Mount Carmel. 
Having grown up with the memories and stories of Grandma’s unique and special hospitality, we aimed high to fully realize her lessons and carry on the family tradition of wonderful hospitality

Anything else?

Based on our years of experience and of listening to our guests, we are confident you will find everything you need in our guests suits for the perfect vacation. And, if there is something you need or want, we are always here for you!

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